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Products for Sauna and Bath
Category: Stone Heaters
Brand: SAWO
The Cumulus can hold up to 25 kg of sauna stones. Optional soapstone cubes can b...
Category: Stone Heaters
Brand: SAWO
At this unique model, all sides of the heater are covered with soapstones. The...
Super Savonia V12
Brand: SAWO
Super Savonia V12 is available in 18kW, 21kW and 24kW. Fit for a sauna room that...
Tower Heaters
Brand: SAWO
The latest addition to SAWO’s range of electric sauna heaters - the Tower...


AQUA TEAM LLP is a relatively young and dynamically developing company established in 2006. AQUA TEAM performs direct supplies of sauna, Russian and Turkish bath equipment. We also perform building and assembling operations under the State License #00485 dated 01.12.2006...

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