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About us

AQUA TEAM LLP is a relatively young and dynamically developing company established in 2006.

AQUA TEAM performs direct supplies of sauna, Russian and Turkish bath equipment. We also perform building and assembling operations under the State License #00485 dated 01.12.2006.

In our operations, we take cue from traditions and best practices of the world’s leading companies. Today we have the repute of a reliable company with a team of professionals in the respective field of activity. The company’s success substantially relies on continues self-education, permanent top quality of each and every product offered, on advertence and flexible approach to orders received from both individuals and corporate clients.

The goal of AQUA TEAM is to supply the high quality products to the Kazakhstani market, which will be affordable to all strata of population.

As of today, we have accumulated sufficient experience, which allows us to provide a full range of services, from supplies of equipment to the latter’s installation and warranty servicing to meet expectations of our clients, many of whom know us from the first days of our operation. At present, AQUA TEAM can meet any wishes of the client with respect to bath and heating facilities.

We are official distributors of the following companies:

SAWO, Finland; Teplodar, Russia; Thermofor, Russia; Doctor Banya, Russia.

SAWO, Finland (electric furnaces for saunas, steam generators for Turkish baths, electrical steam generators for saunas, ready-made and acrylic cabins, control panels, and sauna accessories).

Model range:

  • Electrical furnaces: Mini, Minix, Scandia, Nordex, Savonia, Super Savonia, Slim Stone, Cirrus, Cumulus, Nimbus, Super Nimbus, Super Altostratus, Tower, Combi - 3 to 24 kW.
  • Steam generators for Turkish bath (hammam): Series STP - 3 to 15 kW
  • Electrical steam generators: Series Stem Mate STAR - 1 and 2 kW,
  • Control panels: Innova Classic, Innova Touch, Combi
  • Accessories: Sauna doors, thermometers, thermohygrometers, sand glasses, bailers, pots, abat-jours, lighting fixtures, fragrants, etc.

Teplodar, Russia (wood-burning stoves, gas furnaces for baths, heating stoves, fireplaces, mobile baths, flue systems, electrical steam generators).

Model range:

  • Wood-burning stoves for baths: Rus, Rus Panorama, Sahara, Siberia, Siberia Panorama, Altai
  • Gas furnaces for baths: Rus LGDU
  • Heating, heating-and-cooking ovens: Series Т, series TOP, Vertical
  • Fireplace-furnaces: Series OV
  • Mobile baths: Mobiba, Altai
  • Electrical steam generators: InSteam-Enеrgy
  • Flue systems: Safety screens, pipe modules, sandwiches, Master Flashes, bends, tanks, registers, sandwich grids.

Thermofor, Russia (wood-burning stoves for baths, solid fuel heating stoves to heat premises, fireplaces, mobile baths, heating-and-cooking ovens, flue systems).

Model range:

  • Wood-burning stoves for baths: Gekla, Kalina, Geyser, Angara, Angara Vitra, Tunguska, Tunguska Vitra, Compact, Shilka, Pichuga
  • Heating stoves: Series Professor Butakov: Gimnazist, Student, Engineer, Dotsent, Professor, Normal
  • Heating-and-cooking ovens Germa, Duplet
  • Fireplace-furnaces: Series Yauza
  • Mobile baths: Mobiba, Pichuga
  • Flue systems: Pipe modules, sandwiches, bends, tanks, heat exchangers.

Doctor Banya, Russia (textile, felt goods, essential oils, bath accessories).







Termokraft, Russia




          Termokraft Company was founded in 2009 with the direct purpose – create modern heating equipment which is following all the required characteristics of the industry and have fine exterior design with respectable productivity. Our developers and designers were chosen according to their experience and among the best professionals across Siberia. Due to the direct vector of work and quality control policies Termokraft succeeded in constructing worthy heaters according to price – quality ratio.  

             The Company specializes on production solid-fuel heaters, boilers for sauna and house heating. In addition, Termokraft producing metal construction of any difficulty level.

Model range:

  • Wood and coal burning stoves for saunas : Allegro, Allegro II
  • Heating and cooking ovens: Convect models, Prima, Ognivo models, Uragan, Iskra models.
  • Fireplace set
  • Water tanks





Oceanic, China



          Oceanic worldwide is a new generation internet company that is harmonising recent developments in globalisation to bring its products direct to end users across the world.

Our aim is simple – to eliminate the need for importers, wholesalers, retailers agents and distributors  allowing customers to buy direct from the factory at production line prices.
We have more than 30 years’ experience with these products, our designs are created in the UK and all products are safety tested to international standards by NEMKO.
Our factory, which is based in Shenzhen the electronics capital of China, has been accredited with the ISO9001 quality assurance standard.
To ensure durability we use only top quality materials and CE approved components and every product is thoroughly tested before leaving the factory.
For each country we use a logistics solution provided by carriers such as Parcelforce, DHL, TNT, to ensure goods are despatched tracked and delivered efficiently.
In the unlikely event of a problem we offer a 24 month service exchange guarantee on every product.

Model range:

  • Electric heaters for sauna:  OCS models from 10,5 to 20,1 kW
  • Steam generators for turkish hamam: OC models from 3 to 18 kW
  • Constituent parts for the Oceanic products.



Hemstedt, Germany


           It all began in 1974 in a small village not far from the metropolitan region of Stuttgart: Dieter and Silvi Hemstedt start their own business, with the goal of high-quality, specialized heating cables. And it works: Only four years later over 20 employees are working in the company, sales and space requirements are rising rapidly. And also the product range grows. Cold storage technology comes in and more and more customers are asking for specialized solutions that Hemstedt can realize quickly and accurately. This flexibility and the high quality make Hemstedt rapidly known around the world. More and more deliveries are made from the Swabian production facility to China, USA, Russia and in many other countries. Today 60 people work on a space of 17,500 square meters in development and production. The course for the future has been set correctly: Already in 1990, with Sabine and Andreas Hemstedt the second generation joined in the company. From 2006 onwards, they worked as general managers and finally took over the management in 2011. And thanks to the more than 20 years of experience, they know the markets and challenges very well. And so the company is now mainly in the development and manufacturing of energy-efficient heating systems and holistic approaches that make a significant contribution not only to create a carbon-neutral, but even the climate-positive house. For this endeavor Hemstedt was already awarded with the "Top 100" seal and the "Industriepreis Best Of" in 2014 and 2016 twice awarded the occasion of the Hannover trade fair. In 2015, the company won the "Querdenker Award" for unconventional and innovative ideas.

 Model range:

  • Underfloor heating
  • Frost protection
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