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Tower Heaters
Brand: SAWO

The latest addition to SAWO’s range of electric sauna heaters - the Tower - boasts a unique, slender, stainless steel design which has been specially made to create a more humid, gentle steam similar to the more traditional wood-burning stoves. Our robust Tower heater, holding between 70 – 360kgs of sauna rocks, ensures that a larger surface area of rocks comes into contact with water, releasing more steam evenly in every direction. Furthermore, the Tower Heater ensures a prolonged, steady heat, keeping your sauna warm for longer.

The intensity of heat released from the Tower heater can be regulated. Simply by throwing water on the lower half, one can create a milder steam, compared to the upper half which releases a more intense vapour.

The Tower heater is available with built-in or separatee controls. Available in five different sizes: from 3.0kW – 24.0kW.

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