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Brand: Termofor

If you never raced your bath mate out of the steam room, you are probably certain there cannot be too much bath heat. Your never know. While our stoves do not break bones, of course, they are quite capable of scorching your ears.

No doubt some like it hotter. And faster. Few have not heard tales of steam bath enthusiasts who “took forty minutes to fire up the steam room to plus 140 and then dove headfirst into a snow bank of minus 40. And repeated this forty times running”.

Judging tastes is a thankless business. Or discussing what kind of steam bath deserves the name of a Russian banya.

For many years now we have been asked to design stoves that direct much of their heating capacity onto stones, while keeping the air temperature in the steam room fairly moderate. They say this is the way a Russian banya is supposed to be.

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