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Sauna Stoves
Category: Sauna Stoves
Brand: Termofor

The queen of stoves. Beauty, power and status. Perfect lines. Expressive and individual parts. The core element and the main decoration of the best bathhouses.

A powerful bath stove and a grand fireplace have merged into one as if two Siberian rivers.

Or maybe, this is the banya option of a home cinema? A large flat screen 54 cm in diagonal, true colours, superb brightness, and a wide panoramic view…

Only there is no remote control for channel surfing. But that is fine. Escape the omnipresent soccer matches, sitcoms, disturbing news reports, and commercial breaks.

Watching the real thing — the fire that had mesmerized our ancestors for millennia, but has turned into a luxury few can afford.

You have worked hard.

You can afford it now.

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