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Sauna Stoves
The Siberia-Panaroma
The Siberia-Panaroma
Category: Sauna Stoves
Brand: Teplodar

The Siberia-Panaroma stoves produced by the Teplodar Company have been successfully sold for more than 10 years in 70 regions of Russia and the CIS. The reputation earned over many long years among professionals of the sauna business and a national fame about "wonderful stoves" work better than any advertisement.

The Siberia stoves create a microclimate of a classical sauna with a high air temperature (100-140 degrees C) combined with a rather low humidity (5-30 %).

The stove has a fuel channel with a light transparent screen-door and a heat-resistant magnet-latch that creates an effect of a high-grade fireplace (a diagonal of 17 ").

At the expense of the increased convectional sections the stoves of the Siberia stoves line have phenomenal dynamics of air heating (from 0 to 100 degrees C over 30-40 minutes)

Two basic modifications are produced:

Sibir-20for a steam room of a size of 10 to 20 m. cubic.

Installation scheme

Installation recommendations

Fire safety requirements:

Stove installation and chimney installation should be done according to SNiP 41-01-2003. safety distances from flammable materials:

To the sides and to the back 500 мм
Onward 1250 мм
Upwards 1200 мм

The specified distances of safety can be reduced four times, using a bricklaying width of 1/2 of a brick and an air backlash of 30 mm from the used combustible surface. The laying should be above the top surface of the stove (500 mm.)

If the stove is placed not on the foundation, but on a timber floor it is required to lay out a platform in the thickness of ¼ brick for its isolation, to the sides from a heat cap (250 mm.) From above bricklaying should be covered with a metal sheet or a coupler of branded cement mortar.
The floor made of combustible and hard combustible materials should be protected from ignition under the firebox door with a metal sheet (700х500), which should be place along the stove with its longer side or by an individual design of protective screens that meet requirements of the Fire safety rules and the Fire prevention rules, SNiP 41-01-2003.

A distance from the firebox door to an opposite wall has to be not less than 1250 mm. a distance between the stove top and not protected ceiling has to be not less 1200mm. At a stove with a fire chamber from an adjacent premise installation the fuel channel should be separated from flammable constructions by bricklaying or by a protective screen on distance of not less than 260 mm.

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