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The Rus
The Rus
Category: Sauna Stoves
Brand: Teplodar

Unique constructive decisions have allowed creating of a perfect sauna for admirers of a traditional Russian sauna in which it is especially important to observe optimal balance of temperature and air humidity.

The Rus stoves line:

  • super capacious convectionally ventilated Heat Cap;
  • the balanced efficiency distribution for air and stones heating;
  • the loading of stones on a flue collector is reduced to a minimum;
  • ergonomic three-private design and acute angles absence;
  • a self-cooled door.

There are two variants of installation of a water heating tank:

  • the tank is mounted on the flue basis.
  • the universal register and heat exchanger is used so that a tank is to be taken out in an adjacent premise.

Modifications of the Rus stove with a gas torch have been produced since 2006. Stoves of the Rus line were the bestselling stoves in 2006-2007.

Installation scheme

Installation scheme 'The Rus' - Sauna stoves Teplodar

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