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Rus Panorama
Rus Panorama
Category: Sauna Stoves
Brand: Teplodar

By the 2007 season the Teplodar Company has developed and has put in a mass production a new, stylish, unique stove of elite-class which has become an excellent continuation of the Rus stoves line and which has occupied a leading position in a market segment over less than a half of the year – the Rus-Panorama stove.

The designers and the technologists of the Teplodar Company have applied absolutely new inventions out and options in the Rus-Panorama stoves: - the steam generator established in a basic variant which has perfectly shown itself in Sahara stoves. Besides the basic function, it gives additional rigidity to the construction;

  • a steam generator water delivery batcher allows experimenting with a microclimate in a sauna room;
  • a big, reliable and technological fuel channel with a light transparent screen-door and a heat-resistant magnet-latch, which creates an effect of a full-fledged fireplace.

The Russia-Panorama – is an ultramodern stove with inaccessible in the past possibilities for the consumer, which surpasses all the known analogues with a chimney door.

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