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The Compact
The Compact
Category: Sauna Stoves
Brand: Termofor

In every joke there is some… joke. However, we have to pay for the love we feel for Russian steam baths. And there is no escaping from it. So, if we have to pay, then how much? Can the price be lower? The Compact stove gives a positive answer to this question. Why?

Because due to the absent-mindedness of our Financial Director, we had an incorrect, monstrously low price in our price-list. In return, he was immediately fired.

To make the stove less costly, it was minimized and freed from all the redundant parts. Only the built-in hot water tank was accidentally not removed by the stove designer. He was seriously reprimanded by the company management.

At least, it is good that the procurement specialists managed to buy a batch of steel at the low last-year price. Though, unfortunately, not a big one.

We shall soon run out of cheap steel. And remove the built-in tank. And we shall definitely raise the price…

When time comes…

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