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The Sahara
The Sahara
Category: Sauna Stoves
Brand: Teplodar

The Sahara stoves - unite a long-term experience of the designers and the technologists of the Teplodar Company and century knowledge about the principles of the Wildlife system. Creating a new stove design, the constructors of the Teplodar have realized the Zolotoe Sechenie system in practice. The stove construction has no acute angles that bring negative energy (to the experts of fen-shuj") and harmoniously fits interior of any sauna.

A special feature of the new Sahara stoves is a two-chamber Heat Cap that heats stones in the both chambers from 5 sides.

The flue foundation is placed in the centre, removed from walls and partitions, which helps to make the fire-prevention cutting simple and convenient.

A unique option is a possibility of a multisection high-speed steam generator installation. It is made of stainless steel which allows receiving rather light overheated steam over 15-20 minutes from the stove heating beginning.

The Sahara owner equipped with a steam generator can experiment with microclimate in a sauna room creating various combinations of "damp” steam from the stones in the stone basket and " dry" steam received from a steam generator - from the Finnish sauna to the Russian sauna.

Endurances from the test report

Stove model: Sahara 16 LK
Place: Test module
sauna room capacity: 12 m. cubic
Thickness of the module walls: 35mm (wooden floor strips)
Date: December, 28th 2005
Ambient temperature: -180oС
Beginning time 6.30 p.m.
Ending time: 8.20 p.m.


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