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The beginning of the SAWO in Finland

SAWO, Inc. started the SAWO Sauna brand in 1994 for heaters and sauna accessories. The head office of the company is located in Honkajoki, Finland. SAWO was coined from the words SAuna WOrld in Finland.

The sauna has been part of Finnish history and way of life for over 1000 years and in addition, SAWO became the biggest and largest selling sauna brand in Asia by 1997.
With Finland considered the authority in sauna, with sauna firmly entrenched in Finland history and way of life, Sauna World in Finland became the biggest and largest selling sauna brand in Asia by 1997.

The growth has continued steadily and today Sauna World in Finland is proud of being the biggest sauna accessories producer in the world.

SAWO: A Giant Leap

Finnish and German management and key employees in the production guarantee the top quality that SAWO is known for. With the company's fast growing population of over 300 hardworking personnel and management's passion to sauna, SAWO offers a lot more exciting things on your sauna needs.

The company SAWO has a network of the official distributors more than in 70 countries of the world.

SAWO one of the world's largest electric sauna heater manufacturer with the capacity of more than 150 000 sauna heater units per year. In addition, we have wide variety of sauna accessories giving you more enjoyable sauna experience. Nearly every month we come up with new sauna accessory designs to meet the demands of our most demanding customers.

SAWO's objective is to promote a truly worldclass sauna product without compensating customer affordability for a much more enjoyable sauna.


All production of the company SAWO is confirmed by the International certificates of quality of the standard ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004.

SAWO is a well known sauna stove- and sauna accessories manufacturer but its wide assortment includes also steam rooms and many other sauna products. SAWO has four main product categories: sauna stoves, steam bath steam generators, sauna control panels and sauna accessories. SAWO’s broad product selection includes everything to make your sauna bathing a pleasant experience.

SAWO's product development produces new innovative products continually to please even the most demanding sauna bathers. Our product catalogue includes sauna stoves to small and big sauna rooms – to both private and commercial use.

SAWO steam generators combined with SAWO aromatic oils makes the steam bathing a very refreshing experience. Sauna steam room is not only an excellent way of relaxing e.g. after a long day at work but it also has health benefits.

Have total control over the heath in the sauna with Innova controls that includes many useful attributes. Our selection of sauna accessories includes a wide range of products that are produced with using only high quality raw materials.

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