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The Teplodar Company emerged at the sauna heating stoves market in 1997 and has gained a steady position among the leaders. High developing dynamic of the brand is a result of creative producing process techniques, careful choice of distributors, attention to the market’s needs and, what is especially important, a thought through price system.

The rules that help Teplodar Company succeed and stay as a leader are the following:

- not to catch up with the market needs, but to
- to establish high quality standards for all the market sharers
- to go our own way creating innovative ideas without following others’ strategies

These days the company introduces 8 models in different modifications. Independent experts say, that that the Teplodar’s products line covers almost the whole sauna equipment market. The furnaces, which differ in function, design, construction, power, quality level and prices variety, are safe, efficient and durable.

A great proportion of prices and quality makes the Teplodar production a leader on Russian market. It is being successfully sold in more than 70 regions of Russia and also in Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

In 2007 the company successfully got the international management quality certificate DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 from the German certificating company BUREAU VERITAS Certification. That made it possible for Teplodar to start working on the European market.

In 2008 the company style was upgraded dramatically. It became more modern and attractive to the consumers.

Taking into account the growing products’ popularity, Teplodar has created a plan for opening a stores’ network in 30 biggest cities of Russia and CIS.

The company develops constantly. Technological stock is being replaced with renewed equipment samples. Productive capacity is growing.

New technologies and constructions are being created and introduced. Industrial design and outward of the stoves are getting improved.

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